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Session 1: What is at Stake?

The deacon’s reputation becomes the reputation of the church.

Session 2: The Three Tables

An overview of the three tables and how this model enables churches to organize the functions of the deacon into three solidly biblical categories.

Session 3: The First Table: The Table of the Lord

Baptists have long argued that the basic elements of our worship stand in harmony and continuity with the basic elements of the worship of the early church.

Session 4: The Second Table: The Table of the Poor

In addition to understanding the strong historical emphasis on deacons as agents of service to the poor and needy, each deacon must begin with recognizing the overwhelmingly powerful biblical emphasis on God’s love for the poor.

Session 5: The Second Table: The Table of the Poor (2)

A deeper dive into the who “the poor” are and whether deacons should minister only to the poor of the church or those outside the church as well.

Session 6: The Third Table: The Table of the Pastor

A pastor and his deacons should be so united that they could, in essence, have the same name. Our bond should be such that to see see the pastor is to see the deacons and to see the deacons is to see the pastor.

Session 7: The Third Table: The Table of the Pastor (2)

The church will only progress in the work of  the Lord as these two offices harmonize their efforts. The board of deacons was  never intended to lord it over the pastor. Neither is the pastor a dictator over the  board of deacons.

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